Female Sexuality

5 Sex Secrets That Most Men NEEDS To Know About Women And Sex

Women are wonderfully made in a way that they are move by wonderful hand touch of a man.Women are sexually active when men shows them the love they needed. 5 SEX SECRETS about female sexuality that most men will never know. This information is vital if you want to be a GREAT LOVER and the type of man who is able to give any woman incredible sexual pleasure…

Sex Secrets #1: Women Love Sex

For some reason, many men think that women don’t want sex and aren’t really interested in it. The truth is that women love sex and they want it just as much as men do. However, unlike men — women only want REALLY GOOD SEX.

Secrets 2:  You Don’t Have To Rub A Woman’s Clitoris To Make Her Orgasm

I know, I know — all the mainstream sex advice talks about rubbing the clitoris to give a woman an orgasm. And that works.

However, it is entirely possible to give a woman a VAGINAL ORGASM without any touching of the clitoris. This is very powerful and fulfilling for a woman. Shame only 30% of women have been with a man who have made this their reality.

Secrets 3: Women Want To Be Dominated In Bed

Women are most sexually attracted to manly, masculine, sexually confident men. The reason why they like this type of man is because this is the kind of guy who will be sexually dominant in the bedroom.

All emotionally healthy women want to be dominated to some extent by their man during sex. For such women, being dominated is sexually liberating and will really unleash their wildly naughty side.

Secrets 4: Women Are Interested In ‘Size’

Many men worry about their ‘size’. However, the truth of the matter is that women are more interested in size.

What they are really interested in is receiving SEXUAL PLEASURE in the bedroom. So you can rest assured that if you give your woman mind-blowing sex — she will be happy, no matter how big or small you are ‘down there’.

Secrets 5: You Don’t Need A Lot Of Experience To Be Good In Bed

The fact is — as a man it does not matter how much ‘sexual experience’ you have. I know men who have slept with over 300 women but are still not great lovers.

Sure, they are very good at picking up women. But when it comes to giving women incredible sexual pleasure — they are nothing special.

So, what does it take to give women GREAT SEX?

It takes the right sexual beliefs and some seriously good knowledge. Armed with empowering sexual beliefs and the right sexual techniques (knowledge) you will be able to give any woman earth-shattering sexual pleasure — regardless of whether you have slept with 1, 10 or 1000 women.