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Question:   Are   You   Sick   and   Tired   of   Suffering   from   Embarrassing   Sexual   Performance,   Failing   to   Fully   Satisfy   Your Woman  in  Bed, and   Not  Knowing  Why?

Great News, If You Want More Sex:

“Here’s Hands Down The 
Quickest, Easiest, Sneakiest and 
Most Effective Way to Make Your 
Woman Hot, Wet & Horny for 
You, All The Time…”

“What Is This Powerful Secret that Men of All Ages Are Using to Blow Up Their Women’s Sex-Drives, and Enjoy a Lot More Sex?”

This Will Giving You the Kind of Healthy Testosterone Levels, Huge Libido, and Rampant Sexual Performance a Real Man Can Be Proud Of!

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Dear friend,

If you want to make weak, embarrassing, humiliating Sexual Performance a thing of the past - if you’d like to arm yourself with Unbreakable Sexual Confidence, and be able to fully satisfy ANY woman in bed - I strongly advise you to turn off all distractions, and give this letter your full attention.

Now, before I reveal the Secret to you, I’ve got 2 important questions for you - answer them honestly...

1. Are you sick of struggling to perform in the bedroom, failing to totally satisfy your woman?

2. Would you like to have Healthy, Optimal Testosterone Levels, God-Like Sexual Power, and Rampant Sexual Performance… so you can make any woman Hot, Wet and Horny – and have her whipping her panties off, BEGGING you to “screw her brains out?"

Hi, my name is Johnson. And many people refer to me as:
The Greatest Sex Coach on The Planet.”

Because, over the last several years, I’ve helped over 50,000 men regain the kind of Libido they had in their teenage years, by showing them how to enjoy healthy Testosterone Levels and supporting excellent Circulation… allowing them to give their women MASSIVE pleasure, and feel like a real Studs in the bedroom.

However, I wasn’t always the guy thousands of men relied on for World-Class Advice on Sexual Performance. In fact, I used to experience a lot of PAIN and FRUSTRATION because I really struggled with my Sexual Performance, until I discovered the Secret Foods used by Ancient Chinese Emperors to become Total Alpha ‘Studs’ in the bedroom.

Keep reading, because, like I did, you’re about to discover a remarkable new way to:

  • Ensure your Testosterone Levels, and Circulation, are Healthy and Optimal - giving you the kind of ‘Sexual Power and Performance’ that causes your woman to SCREAM your name night after night (Note: every woman wants a man who can perform like this – yet very few guys can)

  • Arm yourself with a Strong and Powerful Libido (just like that of a Horny Teenager) – meaning you’ll always be ‘in the mood,’ willing and able to completely SATISFY your woman (giving her totally addictive, and mind-blowing sex. Every. Single. Time)

  • Experience incredibly Intense and Pleasurable Orgasms, and blow the most MASSIVE and HUGE Loads of your entire life (the biggest your woman’s ever seen)

And, when you have Healthy Testosterone Levels, you should also know that you’ll have:

  • More Muscle and Strength, and Less Body-Fat (making you look and feel much better when you’re NAKED!)

  • Greater Energy Levels - helping you to feel less ‘tired and exhausted’, allowing you to become more Productive and get more done

  • Confidence that’s off-the-charts, (because, and very few people know this - Healthy Testosterone Levels are the #1 thing that gives a MAN his CONFIDENCE!)

    I asked just over 100,000 men:

    • Are you 100% happy with your Testosterone Levels and Sexual Performance?

    • OR

    • Would you like to be able to ‘get it on’ with your woman more often, give her a much better quality of sex, and make her cum way more frequently and intensely... causing her to be totally ADDICTED to you in bed?

Let’s keep this really simple…

The ability to perform like a REAL MAN in the bedroom - like an Alpha Male… like a STUD! - and totally SATISFY your woman, night after night… keeping her 100% addicted to you, and only you – requires you to have high reserves of ‘Sexual Energy.’

Now, you might be thinking:

“Sexual energy? Is that even a real thing?”

The short answer is:

“YES. Yes it is.”

You can feel it when you’re in the presence of someone with A LOT of Sexual Energy. Sometimes it’s called ‘Animal Magnetism’…

Other times people refer to it as ‘Mojo.’

Guys who have it are the ones who effortlessly ATTRACT women everywhere they go. Even women who are way more physically attractive, and often much younger, than they are.

People with High Sexual Energy have a Natural Advantage
in every area of life.


But, if you only have AVERAGE levels of ‘Sexual Energy’ (which most men do), you’ll likely feel more of the following than you’d like:

  • Tiredness

  • Day-to-Day Stress

  • Lack of Optimal Health and Vitality

  • Low Confidence

And, you certainly don’t feel:

Like BANGING your woman SENSELESS 3 times a night, every night!

Now, you might still think:

“OK, I know what you mean, but still... is this a “Real” type of Energy. A type of energy that I can actually increase?”

Well, here’s the thing:

In the Orient (East Asia), they’ve actually developed a reliable and ‘fool-proof’ way to increase your Sexual Energy - SAFELY, effectively and naturally.

Here’s The Bad News…

Most men DO NOT have High Reserves of Sexual Energy… explaining why so many guys are struggling with frustrating, embarrassing and downright humiliating ‘Sexual Performance.’

For example:

  • Not having the kind of never-ending Libido a good woman
    wants her man to have

  • Failing miserably to fully satisfy his woman during sex

  • Not giving her Multiple Orgasms during Intercourse (something ALL women secretly want, need and crave - every time they have sex)

  • Orgasms that just aren’t very intense and satisfying

  • And, of course…

  • Average Sized ‘Loads’ that make you feel inadequate

“What exactly is causing Men to have LOWER Reserves of
Sexual Energy than ever before?”

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Of course, all throughout history, very few people have had the kind of Sexual Virility and Longevity that many of the Ancient Chinese Emperors had.

However, even for average guys like you and me, the level of Sexual Energy and Virility has become lower than ever before.


Because our Lifestyle is less healthy than ever before. We’ve become soft. Weak. It’s become too easy to indulge in things like:

  • Eating junk foods

  • Drinking too much alcohol

  • Being too stressed

  • Taking stimulants (coffee, soda, sports and energy drinks, and so on)

  • Not getting enough sleep (or only getting poor quality sleep)

  • Over-exercising or under-exercising

  • Being dehydrated

And, to make matters worse…

Even if you start doing all the right things – such as Eating Well, drinking less Alcohol, De-Stressing and so on…

If you’re over 40, it can take weeks, months and probably YEARS to replenish any of your Sexual Energy Reserves. And, worse still... you usually never fully restore it to be as high as it was back in your glory days.

Here’s the Good News:

What Is This Powerful Product?

It’s called P-pride Male Enhancement.


P-pride Herbal Solution

P-Pride Male Enhancement Herbal capsule is natural male penis enlargement solution produced to permanently  improve libido in the male sex system.

P-Pride Male Enhancer Herbal Capsule increases Testosterone  level and enable you to gain longer erection, making her climax at a longer time level. The P-Pride Herbal Male Enhancer Herbal Capsule is one of a kind in the natural herbal libido solution, it does not have any side effect.

Months of time, effort and research into creating the very best Sexual Performance enhancing Formula on planet Earth.

The thing that made it challenging is we knew, to be the very best, it had to be:

  • Easy to Prepare (because the herbs originally gave us required time-consuming measuring and mixing each day)

  • Great Tasting (the herbs originally had me taking certainly gave me outstanding confidence in the bedroom, but they tasted like CRAP!)

  • 100% Free from Toxic Fillers and Harmful Additives - which most sexual health products are full of

  • The absolute most Powerful Super Herbs, in the perfect proportions and quantities, to give the very best results possible

  • An effective dose - as we discovered, all other men’s sexual health products on the market were at such a low dose they were usually completely ineffective (and any results men did experience when taking such products were almost certainly just a Placebo effect!)

Our products are 100% natural,

NAFDAC Approved

and there are no side effects!

Until you do something FAST about your problem, you will NEVER be able to know the joy, satisfaction and confidence that come with being able to ‘perform’ like a REAL man. The Core truth is:  A Man That Cannot Satisfy His Woman In Bed Is NOT Really A Man!


Customers Testimonials Reviews

My Woman neva enjoy me before but now after I take Harma G and P-Pride, I dey rock my wife die! She dey beg me to stop, after long time, i still dey thrust like craze man say tomorrow no dey. My Dick don hard wella and stiff like big Iroko tree!
Lagos, Nigeria
''I failed horribly in Satisfying her in bed. Even my 6 figure salary, Cars and a palatial home never made me complete as a man till I took this miraculous combinations. Now I can truly say It has made me a machine. My wife now worships the ground I walk on as I give her multiple Orgasms because I take her to sexual heaven and back thanks to Man machine".
Abuja, Nigeria
I took all sorts of fake products desperate to increase my sex time and Dick size. At Last, Finally, P-Pride and Harma G came to my rescue. The first day I lasted 18 minutes, 2nd and 3rd rounds were over half an hour subsequently 40 mins I never sweated so profusely in my life. thank you for saving my marriage!
Imo, Nigeria



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